Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake Travis

     Our old single's ward Bishop has a lake house on Lake Travis.  Each year, he hosts a ward activity and takes the singles boating all day long.  It's a day filled with swimming, boating, tubing, wake boarding, good food, and sunburns.  Last year Jackson and I drove the 2 to 2 1/2 hours to the activity and had a blast.  Here are some pictures from that trip, which was 2 weeks after we got engaged:

     This next one is slightly blurry but it makes me laugh out loud.  My sister is there on the left, doing a graceful Titanic pose as she is thrown off of the tube.  I'm the one on the right with my butt and legs in the air, doing a back flip off of the tube.  Awesome. 

Jackson was a stud and couldn't get thrown from the tube and was also the only one to successfully wakeboard, even though he hadn't done it in like 8 years. 

     Now, after you take a second to admire my pre-pregnancy figure in that first picture (come on, I deserve it, I feel like such a swollen large pregnant woman these days! ) fast forward one year later, to the present.  Singles ward activity at Lake Travis again.  We happen to live 20 miles from the Bishop's lake house, you have to pass our apartment on the way to the lake and I had 3 siblings going to the activity.  This was enough reason for us to crash the singles ward bash at Lake Travis.  We showed up and had a lot of fun hanging out with a few old friends, my siblings, and of course LOVED LOVED LOVED the boating.  We are definitely boat people.  It is one of my favorite things in life to do and completely relaxes me.  It was a pretty smooth ride and for the first time in a very long time I was able to just relax and enjoy myself.  We recently made the discovery that a huge reason pregnancy has been so hard for me is that all of my stress relief activities are physical and active, I can't do my favorite activities anymore and so it's hard for me to find ways to relax, enjoy myself, and relieve stress.  Needless to say, I REALLY needed this boating trip.  Anyway, I relaxed on the boat and enjoyed watching everyone tube and get thrown off.  I did a pretty good job of not being jealous of them being able to tube too.  :)  Here are some pictures from this year's trip: 

Jackson has gained a reputation for his entertaining ability while tubing.  He does all sorts of tricks, standing up, switching spots with people, flips, etc.  He can't be thrown and has a blast doing anything and everything to spice up the ride.  Everyone on the boat always gets a kick out of it and the whole time people were telling me, "Your husband is so funny!" or "Your husband is so awesome!" It's true.  :) 

Me and all of my siblings:

Even with sunscreen warpaint we were no match for the strength of the sun and it's army of UV rays.  We both got burned pretty badly! 

So, Lake Travis was great fun and the singles ward didn't seem to mind at all that we crashed the party.  And we didn't mind the good company, free food, and free boating! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


     I am so excited about my craigslist purchase from today that I just have to blog about it right this instant.  Once upon a time I registered for a gorgeous and timeless bedding set at Babies R Us.   Last week I found out it was discontinued and couldn't find it ANYWHERE online.  I tried everything.  I freaked out, might have cried a little bit, and felt like the world could never be right again because my beloved crib bedding was nowhere to be found.  I stopped by Babies R Us and my emotions stabilized as I saw 3 bedding sets left on the shelf (the website made it seem like they were gone since you couldn't buy them online anymore).  I impulsively bought the set, knowing I could return it later after I regained my rationality.  And return it I did, because $200 is ridiculous for a 4 piece bedding set!
     After getting my money back I began an intense Craigslist search for the perfect bedding for our little boy's nursery.  The search ended with today's gem of a purchase:

     I LOVE IT!  So colorful and lots of different texture.  Check out the edge of the quilt with it's home quilted look: 

     Here's the whole effect: 

     Yes our crib is currently in the living room.  Our lease is up next month and we will be moving into a 2 bedroom at which time I will let my creative crafting energy loose and decorate a cute little nursery!  So, here's what I got:  2 sheets, 1 quilt, crib bumper (not pictured), crib skirt, and diaper holder all for $30.  Awesome.  AND, the beautiful blue Pottery Barn Crib was free off of Craigslist and the mattress was only $15.  So, the whole outfitted crib only cost $45 total.  This is not the first time I have pledged my allegiance to craigslist.  I love it.  Such a great way to be frugal and yet not compromise quality and good looks.  
     I'm on a "I have to get every little thing ready for the baby" kick right now.  Feeling that intense need to organize and make sure we're ready for his arrival.  He will be full term in a week and a half and will come whenever he decides to make his debut sometime in the next 4 weeks.  We're so excited.  Hooray for becoming a family of 3!