Wednesday, October 12, 2011


     Jackson and I splurged when BYU came to Austin to play UT and bought a couple of tickets off of craigslist.  We figured we had many reasons to celebrate - our one year anniversary (which was Aug 14th - the day i checked in to the hospital so we never really got to celebrate), the birth of our first child, our move to a 2 bedroom apt ( which took place the same day as the game, so that was a bit chaotic!), and as Jackson said "you're a BYU alumni and I'm a dropout"...  like I said, many reasons to celebrate and justify the purchase! So, my brother who had come up to help with the move was nice enough to babysit Harmony for us and Jackson and I went to the game with Kendall (Jackson's step-dad) and a couple of friends.
      When we arrived, parking was a bit more difficult to find than we anticipated since UT is downtown so we ended up a ways away and were missing the beginning of the game.  Lucky for us their are  some hip Austinites who run game day bike taxis as a side job.  Our biker was super chill and happy to let the 3 of us pile in the cart and pull about 570 lbs. to the stadium.  I had to sit on Jackson's lap and having recently gave birth I tried not to feel too fragile or anxious about what would happen to me if we crashed (crashes have happened - we asked).
On the bike taxi

Bike taxis from behind
We made our entrance into the Stadium with Jackson shouting a BYU cheer.  He kept shouting through the whole game.  He was a very annoying visiting team fan, I'm sure. But, UT fans were extremely nice!  We had heard stories about this being true and experienced it first hand.  Everyone was congratulating us on a good game afterwards (granted, they won so that of course helped them be happy and I'm sure kinder) but still, we were very impressed, especially with the fans who were around us and never took our shouting personally.  Here we are at the game: 

     We had a lot of fun and even got to meet up with an old friend of mine from BYU.  Adam and his wife came over to our seats at half time and said hello and that was lots of fun since Adam and I have been friends for 6 years.  I really love meeting up with BYU friends throughout the country.  

     So, even though we lost it was still an awesome game and a fun date night.  Can't wait to take Jackson to a home game one day!