Tuesday, December 6, 2011


     Time to play a little blog catch up.  Halloween was fast approaching and with no money in the budget for costumes, I was anxiously trying to figure out what to do.  Isn't it against some American code of parenthood to not dress your child up for their first Halloween?  So my first idea was we could dress Harmony up as a fairy.  I already had a tutu and I read up on how to create wings out of hangers and nylons.  But laying on wire wings didn't sound too comfortable or realistic for holding a 2 1/2 month old so I kept looking.  I came across a blog where the parents had dressed up in all black and wore an "Incredibles-esque" mask to be bank robbers.  They bought this costume for their infant:
It runs between $25 and $30 online.  I saw it and thought, "I can make that!"  So I did.  I had some scrap fabric that I cut up and sewed into a wearable bag with a simple velcro closure in the back.  I found a hat the same color that is a 12-month size so my friend Tia took over with attaching money to it and we placed it on Harmony's head backwards so it could hang down her back rather than fall over her face.  Here's my finished product: 

     Not bad for only spending $1.79 on fake money! 

     I then cut up masks from some black fabric I had, attached some elastic, and Jackson and I were ready for the Ward Trunk or Treat!  Unfortunately only one of the 2 masks were really wearable (it's a lot harder than it looks to cut eyes and nose holes in the correct place and the correct size!) so Jackson took one for the team and let me wear the mask (I may or may not have whined and got a little stressed after frantically trying to make them the day of!) We went to the trunk or treat, I ate way too much mediocre chili, sneaked a few pieces of candy corn and enjoyed celebrating Halloween with friends and family!