Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Few Reasons Harmony is Awesome

1.  She sings along to my favorite song, Ho Hey by the Lumineers (Which for the record was my favorite song LONG before they were nominated at the Grammy's and started playing on every radio station in town).  Anyway, Harmony claps her hands and sings "hey" and then get's really excited and claps and cheers when it ends.

2.  She also sings along to Taylor Swift's song "Trouble".  She sings "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles..." and recently starting singing the "e-e-e-eeeee" parts too.

3.  She does a better elephant impersonation than I do.

4.  She has the most cheesy squinty eyed, gap-toothed, chubby face smile that I've ever seen.  She knows it makes us laugh and pulls it out regularly.

5.  She can count to 3!

6.  She loves her vegetables!  I was babysitting a couple of kids last week and all they would eat were animal crackers and fruit snacks.  Harmony on the other hand sat with me munching on grapes, carrots, and cucumbers while dipping shoveling greek yogurt ranch dip into her mouth.

7.  She hates messes.  She throws her own trash away.  She freaks out if her highchair tray is dirty.  She can now legitimately help us clean up ("Harmony can you take your stroller to your room?" Yeah, "Harmony can you take your blocks to your room?"  Yeah)