Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 Months!

Just realized I never finished this and so it has been sitting as a draft, waiting to be published.  Totally late but at least it's on my blog for my record! However, if you compare it with her 18 month update you can see that a lot is still the same!

Another month has gone by and my baby girl is growing up way too fast!  Here are some of her favorite things to do right now:
1.  Read books. She likes to flip through them and yell and exclaim in excitement as she "reads" them.
2.  Put lids on and take them off. She LOVES this right now.  An empty spice bottle and it's lid is her favorite toy right now!  She also likes to put the lid to her blocks on and off because it is a bit easier than most lids we come in contact with.
3.  Walking anywhere.  She has decided that she's too big for the shopping cart and so it's a challenge to go grocery shopping now.  Even buckled in she will manage to stand up and lunge towards me.  Hobby Lobby is pretty much off limits now that she refuses to stay in the cart.
4.  Climbing.  She learned how to climb on the kitchen chairs which we're having to teach her not to do until she gets that she can't climb the backs of them!  She really enjoys climbing on top of the ottoman and proudly standing up.  Also jumping into my arms from the ottoman.
5.  Helping mommy clean!  She is so good at bringing me things that don't belong on the floor.  She also responds to my instructions to clean up the messes she makes.  She emptied a drawer in the kitchen and when she ran off to play somewhere else I asked her to come back and put everything back, and she did.  She is so willing to please mom right now and I am soaking in every minute of it before she learns the word "no".  She also likes to wipe everything down with a rag to clean it.  And absolutely HAS to throw her own diaper away.  I get screamed at if I try to take it to the trash myself.
6.  Morning snuggles with mommy and daddy.  Every morning.  It is our favorite time of day.  She usually wakes up a little before Jackson has to be up for work and so when it's time for him to get up we go in and snuggle as a family.  The other day I thought maybe she just wanted daddy time so I left her with Jackson and went back to cleaning the kitchen.  Next thing I know she has walked out to me and wants me to come back.  So I did.  Morning snuggles are the best.
7.  Eating with a spoon or fork.  She refuses to eat her food without a spoon or fork.  She's still getting the hang of it but practice makes perfect!  She's an independent eater now, if I see she is struggling to eat with a spoon I have to trick her into letting me help her.
8.  Putting things in and out of bowls, boxes, baskets, etc.  She loves to dump her blocks out and put them back in one by one.  Recently I also gave her a bowl of dry oatmeal in a bowl with a measuring cup and she loved scooping it in and out of the bowl.  Kept her entertained for half an hour!
9.  Eating.  Anything. She eats prefers vegetables and fruits over anything. She often eats more green beans during dinner than I do!
10.  Bath time!  So fun.
11.  Bubbles!
12.  Snuggles with Teddy.  How she loves her teddy bear! When she gives Teddy kisses it looks like she's violently banging heads with him.  I laugh every time.
13.  Giggling.  She's just as happy as she's always been.  She's turning into more of a silly toddler every day, making funny noises and faces and doing funny things.  She loves to make us laugh.
14.  Swinging.  No matter how high I push her she is brave enough to let go of her hold on the swing and sign "more" while saying "more, more, more".

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