Wednesday, February 27, 2013

18 Months!

Harmony turned 18 months on February 15.  I thought I'd record a bit of her personality and development thus far.

Knows about 45-50 words.  The ones I hear most often are "wa-wa, teddy, baby, me-me (binkie, I have no idea where she got that from), and dog.  My favorite word she says is "yes" because she says it with such enthusiasm and also with a lisp.  It's super cute.  She barely started saying no and it came after a couple of weeks of shaking her head no, she actually says "oh" and so far is very polite about it. She also says "bless you" when you sneeze.

Favorite Foods:  bread, cookoo (cookie - which is used loosely, it could be crackers, granola bars, cookies, cake, or really any dessert), mandarin oranges, green beans, strawberries, chocolate, bananas, avocados, applesauce.  Recently she has come to the conclusion she can live off of just bread (which is also used looslely - muffins, tortillas, bread, bagels, etc) and applesauce.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Least favorite foods: Spaghetti. Juice.

Loves :

DANCING!  She will start dancing to the tiniest beat she hears.  It is so fun.

Storytime!  We read books multiple times a day and she has become very interactive with them.  She points to pictures she recognizes and says the word, she does motions, has a few practically memorized...

Playing "I Spy the Baby".  She will find one anywhere we go, and she considers babies to be anyone between 0 and 3 years old.

Pulling anything off of the counters or table that she can reach.

Pushing her stroller and shopping cart.

Playing with daddy!  She has become a daddy's girl and is crying out for him a lot during the day or night when she wakes up.  I have to tell her all the time "daddy is at work" or "daddy is sleeping" and lots of times we have woken daddy up to calm her down.

Testing her balance, reach and jumping distance


That is a dog underneath her and she is using her favorite pillow -teddy.


Usually baths are "no binkie" zones but she had a terrible diaper rash and had just been through a super painful diaper change so I let her keep it.  I also used this as an opportune "First bubble bath" which she loved.  Am I a bad mom for not giving her a bubble bath sooner?  

Being outside.

Going down slides!  It might be tied with swinging now as her favorite activity.


Getting messy!  She only recently started picking up handfuls of dirt.  Even then she often comes over to me with hands outstretched for me to clean her off.  She is such a girl.

Having to share the piano with mommy.

The vacuum.  She runs from it and hides in another room.  The rare occasions she is brave enough to approach it she roars at it.

Some phases she's going through:

Right now in order to go to sleep she has to have her teddy, baby, puppy (which is almost as big as she is), binkie, and water.  She will list them all off each time she goes down to make sure i didn't forget one.  She also has recently decided that Teddy, Baby, and Puppy need to go everywhere with her.  We were getting ready to walk out the door to go to church on Sunday and she comes running out of her room trying to carry all 3 with her out the door.

Everybody else's food and sippy cup is always better than hers.  In fact any sippy cup other than the one she is supposed to be using is better.  She will constantly request a new one (which doesn't make her very happy when mommy says no)

Everything is a telephone and she loves talking on it.

She loves wearing mommy's shoes, carrying purses, wearing jewelry, putting on makeup and brushing her hair.  (Do you think she watches me just a little?!)

Wearing mommy's shoe

Animal sounds she's mastered:  dogs, cows, ducks, monkeys, anything that roars (this includes vacuums).

Last we checked she weighted 28.5 lbs and is wearing 2T clothes.  95th percentile for height.  She's a joy to be around and has really developed a sense of humor recently as she often does things that she knows will make us laugh.  She truly is a ray of sunshine in our lives!

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  1. This is beautiful- and scary! Viv is right behind Harmony in most of these things. The "loves" section was like a checklist for me,You're the one with toddler, I've got the baby, right? What is happening?!